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Don't just live. Flourish. Our brands enhance growing experiences.

Swiss Farms cultivates brands that do the hard work so people don’t have to. Brands that put plants in the hands of people who want to spend more time enjoying them than working on them. Brands that deliver lawns that exceed people’s expectations, not their experience levels. Brands that leverage the sharpest insights and the latest thinking. Brands that know the way it’s always been is not the way it always should be.

We believe in the power of a growth mindset. So we build brands that take an innovative approach to a conventional category. Our goal is to improve the consumer experience for people who love plants, love their space, and want to find ways to bring the two together.

planter on porch

planter on table next to brown leather chair
a whole bunch of planters on a mantle
the goodest boy (dog)
another good boy (dog)

box of goods
girl at door and a planter
decorated table top with planter